Srs lurker is srs


Many long time ago, Lurkers was big bad. Mean to bone, all tribes cause lots of trouble. Humans frightened of strong Lurkers, hide in villages.

But that long time ago, we not bad no more. Metal Heads bite and hurt us both! Humans and Lurkers, we both need big Walls to keep safe. Must live togethers now. Humans are clever with guns and cages, make them strong.

Lots of humans no like Lurkers. Brutter know what it like to be called monster.


Hey, Jak.


... Knock knock.]


Brutter is...



[The resident Lurker has discovered the makeup cache on Deck 12, and is applying far too much of it in front of the mirror. One can only guess that he's been affected by the gender-swap, but other than blue eyeshadow, heavy lipstick and fluttering eyelashes, there's no apparent difference in either voice or physique. How he even knew, or what difference he sees, is anyone's guess.]
Derp derp


[In the background there is rodent-like squeeking.]

Brutter found much feastings! Deck 18!

[Squeek squeek -- CRUNCH.

Brutter now appears to be speaking with his mouth full.]

It just likes traditional Lurker feast! Not fish, but very tasty! Plenty for all, you come see!


Brutter sick of humans complaining. Boat do this, boat do that. Humans not know how good they have it. Even humans in Haven not know how good it be for them, they has no chains, no whips, no crews! But here - no Metal Headers, plenty foods, no red troopers - it even more better!! Even death, no problem, what more you want!

You try building house over lava pit sometimes while you friends cannot help because they is burnt and bleeding from "reconditioning." Then Metal Headers find slave huts, bite everyone, many dead. You learn pretty quick what real trouble be.


This pretty good fish currys.

Who is to be owning little fish in cave? Is very nice cave, Lurker brothers would like. No brothers here though. Fish is nice and tender... Brutter wish he had his shop, would make good roast fish for you!

[God knows who he's talking to.]


Oh my! This very fine piece indeed. Red troopers drop it maybe? Maybe Brutter can sell? Finders keepering!

Hrrm. This all very nice room too. Is not remembering going to such a place. At least it not big trooper prison.

There so many shiny buttons here. Me wonder what they all d-*